Story of the Lotus Platform Video game – A Quest For Harmony

Lotus Systems was previously tools on which unique characters received their starting weapons out of. Only following level-up, then they can easily select from distinctive playing expertise. The original first of all platform to appear on the video game was the Mild Shattering World. Once one particular gets to the sunshine Shattering World he forms Lotus Websites out of one to nine using rose petals. Every single character includes a set of expertise and once you clear the stage you move on to the next one. The enemies listed below are also armed with a weapon like the blade, mace or perhaps halberd, and you have heading to them with your weapon to kill all of them.

If you cleared the bottom program, then you will leave your site and go to the next one where you have to defeat more enemies ahead of finally reaching the bottom belonging to the lotus platform. To do this you have to hit the enemies with all your weapon until they fall off the edge, at the same time press the Triangle button to trigger the slide impact. Continue to harm the adversaries and as the thing is that the bottom portion of the lotus flower throw open, use the petals in the platform to get across. When you effectively cross the woking platform just make use of the butterfly taken to get rid of the last enemy standing in the front of you. The last enemy here should drop a defence capsule, once all the enemies will be dead the flower should open up and drop one more lotus flower, and it is now time just for the credit!

The final arena shows Nelsica, who is right now the leader of Serene Waterfall, taking a look at the Lotus Platform and commenting that it was like looking at the atmosphere. When this lady realizes the Lotus Project is finished, your lady orders her subjects not to work with the That lotus Platform any more. However , Bralten Zulus wonderful allies appear soon after and attack Peaceful Waterfall once again, only to become stopped by Nelsica whom uses her palace’s pressure to push the invaders back. Afterwards, Nelsica teleports their self back to her palace, showing Bralten that she would provide him one last chance to surrender or face the wrath of the goddess herself. With the credits going, the game ends with Nelsica swearing to uphold the peace among her kingdom and the Lhuntosians as your lady continues on her behalf quest to become the ruler for the Lhuntosians.

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