Carrying a Foreign Wife to Canada – Any Legal Implication

Before you believe that attracting a foreign wife to Canada is a negative idea, you have to know and understand the legal ramifications. Getting a Canadian passport to bring your wife over to Canada as a other half really does carry certain legal obligations that you need to be aware of. In order to get your wife into Canada, you have to fill in the application named the Personal Identifier Questionnaire.

In order for you to obtain a passport to bring your wife to Canada or if you spouse, your sweetheart must answer several inquiries about her background. You must also fill out the application form with your foreign wife. It will then always be held with the customs business office until it qualifies. If you are not really related to your wife, you may be forced to appear in courtroom to get your marriage accepted, depending on the guidelines in your legislation.

Once you submit your customer survey and have the application approved, you will receive a Temporary Work Permit. This allows you to operate Canada whilst your wife is waiting to acquire her long term visa. Yet , you cannot operate more than 6 months in a line without getting an extension from the Immigration Department. Your wife will still need to get her permanent australian visa before you can obtain a new function permit. Therefore , if you plan on providing a foreign partner to Canada, be sure to prepare yourself for possible delays. There is a big difference between planning and preparing for a potential situation such as this.

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